Agri-D Food Hack Announcement

Agri-D Food Hack Announcement

Agri-D Food Hack Announces Blockchain Focussed Hackathon to Support the Future of Our Food

Developers and Innovators Called Upon to “Hack for Change” to solve real-world food issues.

As a result of collaboration between the Agri-D Convention, IOTA Foundation, and Hyperledger, the Agri-D Food Hack presents a virtual hackathon contest for the design of blockchain solutions to support sustainability, security, and development throughout rural and global food systems.

The event is a public educational experience supported with a contest that carries over $5000 worth of prizes. Presenting challenges for teams to create applications or software solutions that can help combat three tracks of food waste, rural development, and sustainable agriculture.

“The IOTA Foundation is excited to support the Agri-D hackathon. Traceability for food products as well as transparency for producers is important to increase the security and safety of consumers. Rural communities and small producers need accessible tools and technologies that guarantee the level of digitisation that the industry craves for. IOTA’s technologies, in particular IOTA Identity, offer a sustainable infrastructure for this kind of innovation. We are looking forward to seeing what new solutions hackers will come up with!”
– Dr. Michele Nati, IOTA Foundation

With an array of developer workshops covering such topics as Digital Identity, Smart Contracts, Encrypted Data Streams, and DLT Architecture, there is much for participants to learn at the hack. With industry experts and world leading technologists from the UN World Food Program Innovation Accelerator, IOTA Foundation, Hyperledger, Zignar Technology, and more, the open event offers vast insights and opportunities in the use of Blockchain technology for social good.

Held on the 5th-7th November, the overall objective of this contest is to educate developers and businesses on the accessibility of the technology and to support them in creating new solutions that will be continually supported by community and eco-system mentorship programs and future business development opportunities from the IOTA Foundation and Hyperledger. With a focus on the Agri-D Convention’s key values such as open access, technology for social good, and industry innovation in order to support the global journey towards more resilient food systems.

Registration for participation is open now – don’t miss out!
Registration can be made via online application through the official website

Speakers include:
Dominik Schiener – Founder, IOTA Foundation
Julian Gordon – VP Asia Pacific, Hyperledger
Kyriacos Koupparis – Head of Frontier Innovations, UN World Food Program, Innovation Accelerator
David Boswell – Head of Ecosystem, Hyperledger
Eric Hop – Lead, Smart Contract Protocols, IOTA Foundation
Jelle Millenaar – Lead, Digital Identity Protocols, IOTA Foundation
Gianfranco Campos – CEO, Zignar Technology
• Plus, many more…

5th November 0900 CET – Deadline for Registration
5th-7th November – Agri-D Food Hack
12th November – Finalists present their projects live at the Agri-D Convention