Agri-D Convention Launch Announcement

Agri-D Convention Launch Announcement

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are developing wider recognition within the agriculture and food sectors for their powerful uses in building security throughout the food supply chain, that can offer levels of traceability, transparency, and trust, that would otherwise be impossible.

Launching on 12th November, the Agri-D Convention 2021 places this technology at the forefront of the discussion, uniting international experts, thought leaders, and pioneers from across the agriculture, food, technology, and trade sectors to ask one simple question:

What can Blockchain do for the future of our food?

This complex and important question will be answered across five stages of live discussions, keynote presentations, expert panels, workshops, Q&As, demonstrations and more. They will be presented by leading figures from internationally outstanding agriculture and technology businesses, organisations, and institutions, including the UN World Food Program, World Trade Organisation, EIT Food, Input Output HK, IOTA Foundation, IBM, The Linux Foundation and Hyperledger.

The new virtual convention will focus on key agricultural challenges specific to tackling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals surrounding social, rural, and sustainable development throughout every aspect of the food supply chain. The international delegation will explore solutions to support change across all six major continents, providing both regional spotlights and a wider global perspective.

Key discussion topics for the one-day agenda include:

• Digital Identity – supporting access and inclusion for farming communities
• Supply Chain – applications for waste reduction and efficiency
• Data Trust – building integrity in data communications
• Data Economy – ownership and monetization of agricultural data
• Trade – access and equal opportunity in cross border trade
• Community Development – technology as a facilitator for rural communities
• Finance & Insurance – security and accessibility of financial services
• Digital Assets – tokenisation as a tool for market entry
• Equality – blockchain for inclusion and equal opportunity
• Sustainability – systems to support trust in sustainable practices
• Software & Applications – solutions actively bringing value to agriculture
• Accessibility – inclusive design and development practices

The Agri-D Convention 2021 will be produced with the support of KDK Events, using the Pine Events platform, to offer as professional an event experience as possible. Supported with the largest online exhibition dedicated to blockchain and DLT in the agriculture and food sectors. Allowing a global audience to connect direct with over a hundred leading institutions, businesses, & organisations, to help in establishing new collaborative opportunities for the future of our food.

“Working towards solutions is not something we can do alone. Although we may be able to facilitate and provide support and guidance along the way, it is only through our combined efforts that we can succeed in bringing about change. Building a stronger, more inclusive future where we don’t have to ask the questions like ‘What is wrong with our food system?’”

– Adam Eunson, Event Co-ordinator

The Agri-D Convention 2021 is being held at no cost to audience members and is dedicated to creating an accessible opportunity for anyone, anywhere to gain access to this important information and opportunity. The event welcomes partners and sponsors to join alongside media partners AGDAILY and Trade Finance Global to help support this message.

Agri-D Convention is delighted to already have the support a participation from leading representatives including:

• Emmanuelle Ganne – Senior Analyst @ World Trade Organisation
• Bernhard Kowatsch – Head of Innovation Accelerator @ UN World Food Program
• Karen Ottoni – Director of Ecosystem @ Hyperledger
• Nitin Gaur – Director of Financial Sciences and Digital Assets @ IBM
• John O’Connor – Director of African Operations @ Input Output HK
• Dominik Schiener – Founder/Director @ IOTA Foundation
• Mala Kumar – Director, Tech for Social Good @ Github
• Sumer Johal – Director of Agstack @ The Linux Foundation
• John Trask – CEO @ Dimitra
• Emma Weston – CEO @ AgriDigital
• Mandi Kerr – CEO @ Global Hemp Association